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Working Towards a Safer Industry.

Aviation Safety International is a multifunctional, innovative way to find solutions for the aviation industry. The Aviation Safety Team recognizes regulating authorities' daily challenge of finding a balance between safety and economics when these two concepts often oppose. Regulations often appear to be reactionary with airlines' financial success as a higher priority than safety; however, the challenge lays in the process of quantifying safety and airline survivability. Economic decision are quantifiable. Safety is measured by the absence of accidents. Airlines must remain successful to thrive and keep the world connected. Yet, does the absence of an accident mean that the process is safe? We believe there are solutions where safety and financial success can both be realized. The answers lay in creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box. 

As the leader of Aviation Safety International, my focus and dedication is to create innovative solutions to aviation challenges worldwide. Solutions come from diverse thinking, thus I have brought together educated minds from around the world who are passionate and dedicated to be part of the team. Together, we will make a difference.

Karlene Petitt

Creating Aviation Solutions for the Future

Safety Culture and SMS

Does your company  meet the safety culture challenge?

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Automation Challenge

The time to change how we think about flying is now.

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Aviation Safety International  is committed to  bringing the world together through safe and efficient airline travel. Our focus is to educate, inspire and promote aviation, while addressing industry issues. 

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