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Flight For Control

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A new approach to Crew Resource Management (CRM) that will empower your team to achieve a higher level of safety and efficiency with three three key skills: Communication, Leadership and Experience.

The Pilot Factor an enjoyable yet powerful read because the concepts are introduced through real stories. This is not an academic book written for scholars, but rather a down-to-earth book written for pilots and anyone who want to learn more about the challenges and tools of a multi-crew cockpit. 
Although the content is mostly flying-centered, there are also skills that can carry forward into most any profession, or daily life.

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Inspiration. Motivation. Education.

Flight For Survival

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Flight For Safety

Inspiration Never comes too young.  I am Awesome, the ABCs of Being me is an

ABC Book with Career Choices  designed for children from birth to 8, promoting Education and Identity .

All proceeds go to the Children's Museum of Central Oregon

"A on-profit focused on providing an enriching experience in the arts and sciences for the Central Oregon community. Our mission is to serve as a place for children to create, explore and investigate their world through immersive hands on experiences, and as a resource for families of all types to grow and learn together."



Aviation Issue Awareness Through True Fiction

Human Factors


The airline industry has been turned upside down. Pilots are financially and emotionally bankrupt, and have been pushed to the edge.  They fight, to take back control. But when three airliners cash, and nobody knows why, it takes Kathryn Jacobs to return to the NTSB to investigate.

Flight For Control is a thriller that reads like a mystery. But to Kathryn, there is no mystery on the condition of the airline industry—it’s broken. Planes are crashing. Pensions are lost. Pilots are financially and emotionally bankrupt due to fatigue, furloughs, and loss of seniority. It’s time that someone takes control before it’s too late—unless it already is.  Your life is in your pilot’s hands. Do you know who’s flying your plane?


Global Air Lines wipes Coastal Airlines off the radar screen during a merger, creating the largest airline in the world.
  Captain Darby Bradshaw’s is forced back to first officer,  Jackie Jameson becomes a training scheduler, and Kathryn Jacobs, moves from the NTSB to the Federal Aviation Administration. Concerned with the downward trend in the aviation industry Kathryn beats her head against the bureaucratic walls in attempt to improve safety while Darby fights for training.

When an Airbus A330 is found in it’s watery grave, a Boeing 777 lands short of a runway and Global Air Lines implements a ‘train yourself at home’ program, Darby Bradshaw realizes it's time to take action, but soon
learns she has stepped into the heart of a far-reaching conspiracy.

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This inspirational, motivational book will take you on a journey of life, to assist you with yours. How do people achieve success? Why don't they quit?  How do they find courage, stamina, and strength to persevere during the most challenging times? Where do they find the time to do it all? The answers to these questions and many more will be answered.

What drives people to phenomenal success? The secret correlates with many aspects of flight. If you apply these tips to your everyday life there will be nothing you cannot accomplish. Life is about choice. We can't always control what happens to us in life, but we can decide what those events mean. The choice now, is to open your mind and heart, and begin to dream.


NextGen is on the horizon with multiple threats looming. Aircraft complexity, fatigue, and training issues leave pilots open to error. Unmanned aircraft systems—drones—are flooding the airspace, creating a regulatory nightmare. Safety Management Systems are mandated to be in place by 2018, but creating a safety culture is an essential ground floor requirement.

The darkest realm of Global Airlines’ secret sub-culture surfaces between the pages amidst fear that the truth about what happens inside the iron bubble will come to light.  When a Boeing 777 disappears, and a pilot intentionally flies into a mountain, suspicion points to Captain Bill Jacobs, hidden inside prison walls.

But the truth is never what it appears.  The worst crash in airline history plunges these three friends into a fight for their very survival.