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Karlene Petitt: USA

Ryan Lock: England

Ryan Lock holds a  Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Aviation Technology and Management from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, and is an FAA Commercial Pilot and Flight instructor. He is part of an Airline Operations Control Center for a major airline in England, and also flight instructs in the United States. As an aviation professional with extensive knowledge, experience, and skillful dynamics, Ryan has a proven track record of success in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with multidisciplinary subject matters in the development of new and old aviation/airline operational concepts. Email:  ryan.w.lock@gmail.com

Jean Denis Marcellin: Canada

Jean Denis Marcellin, is a captain for a major Canadian charter company and aircraft management business. He earned an Aviation degree from Centre Quebecois de Formation Aeronautique, and is fluent in both French and English. His passion for Crew Resource Management and life experience flows into his company, Plane&Simple Solutions, where he teaches effective leadership and communication skills promoting a safer flight deck for the student pilot to the airline professional. He is the Author of The Pilot Factor. He can be located at planesimplesolutions.com. Email: jd.marcellin@gmail.com

Karlene Petitt currently flies an A330 out of Seattle WA. She’s type-rated on the B747-400, B747-200, B767, B757, B737, B727 and A330 aircraft. Petitt’s thirty-four years of experience includes flying for multiple airlines—Coastal Airways, Evergreen, Braniff, America West Airlines, Hainan Airways group, Guyana, Tower Air, and Northwest Airlines.  In addition to flying, Petitt has spent 21 years training pilots in Boeing jet aircraft and developing training programs.  As the director of training at Guyana Airways she authored and implemented a B757 ground school and simulator training programs, and authored a B757 QRH.  At Northwest Airlines she was a 747 check airman, simulator instructor, and line pilot who authored line-oriented evaluations (LOE), edited the B747 quick reference handbook (QRH), developed 747 study guides, authored numerous training articles and developed the first 3-pilot AQP program. She also spent many years as a simulator instructor and check airman  on the B737and B757 aircraft.

People make the difference.

Aviation Safety International is looking for action oriented individuals from across the globe to share a mission of safety. Members are future leaders of the Aviation Industry and the world. Join the Aviation Safety International team, comprised of intelligent,  passionate, and inspired individuals worldwide, who have come together with the incentive to learn, grow, and facilitate a safe and efficient air travel system, through innovation, creativity and dedication.

People make the difference; not just people from the team but those we serve. Together we can develop and maintain the safest and most enjoyable means of travel possible.

Karlene holds MBA and MHS degrees, and is currently working on her PhD at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Aviation, with a safety focus. She is the author of  Flight For Control, Flight For Safety, Flight For Survival, Flight To Success be the Captain of Your Life  and I am Awesome, ABCs of Being Me and authors the Flight To Success blogEmail:  Karlene.Petitt@gmail.com

Cecilie Larsen: Norway
Celcilie Larsen is politically engage on a local/municipal level in Norway, enrolled in an International Marketing Bachelor program at the University of Nordland, and has plans for an MBA in Aviation Management. She is fluent in Norwegian and English, and holds a complete understanding of Danish and Swedish. As an instrument rated pilot, Cecilie is concerned about aviation safety and believes passengers can use their “consumer power” to make a difference. She has flown thousands of miles as a frequent flier, and writes about these adventures on: Bonusfer.no  E-mail:cecilie@bonusfeber.no  

The Team

Jun Nishioka: Japan

Jun Nishioka is fluent in both English and Japanese. Since a child, his dreams included becoming an airline pilot and cleaning up the beaches worldwide. After earning a degree in Environmental Engineering, he traveled to the United States and earned his pilots license and instrument rating. Jun is currently employed as a flight operations engineer at a Tokyo based airline, and has experience with weight and balance performance on the B737-800, electronic flight bags, and has flown a variety of aircraft. 

Email: peaceofworldwide@hotmail.co.jp